Adopted Man Finds Birth Mother At Work

Adopted Man Finds Birth Mother At Work

A Michigan-native finally ended his search for his birth mother… at the cash register of the store he works at. Steve Flaig has been searching on and off for his birth mother for four years and he found out that she worked at the same Lowe’s that he did just outside of Grand Rapids, Mich. Evidently, his mother Chris Tallady gave him up for adoption because she was not ready for single parenthood. And now they’re reunited and he’s getting to know his two half-siblings.

The only way to make this story better would be for the father to secretly have been the manager of the Lowe’s. And for Steve to have saved Chris from sexual harassment at the manager’s hands. And then Steve gets appointed manager by a grateful Lowe’s corporate office. At which point, he and Chris begin dating. Then he would find out that she is his mother and blind himself with something from the cleaning supply aisle. Yep. Greek tragedy.

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