Collaborative Divorces Are Becoming More Popular

Collaborative Divorces Are Becoming More Popular

According to USA Today, collaborative divorce is the new-new thing this year. In a collaborative divorce, both parties actually sort of still like each other (like each other but don’t like-like each other) and don’t want to do harm to the other. So they come up with an equitable split of assets and let it rip. This is pretty easy when no kids are involved. Are people becoming nicer? Is divorce more of a foregone conclusion? We think that this trend is because of the increasing level of earning-power parity. These days a dude doesn’t have to fight tooth and nail for the house that he ‘earned.’ And the gal doesn’t have to stress out about how she’s going to survive; she’s got her own ends and Benz.

Apparently, the American Bar Association is endorsing this practice and trying to get some portion of its members to become expert on it. It’s weird for them to embrace this, it seems like the brutal divorce craze probably purchased a goodly number of summer homes for Bar Associates.

We still think that getting John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey to arbitrate your divorce is a good idea. You may have to throw a few airline miles their way though.
We mentioned collaborative divorce way back in February (Check out the first Dish on that).

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