Shocking Famous Pregnancies

Shocking Famous Pregnancies

Lily Allen has told People that she’s got a baby on deck. Yep, the peppy, pint-size Brit is on the road to mommyhood. Even before announcing this news, she seems to have way cooled her jets. This is the same broad that talks smack about fellow pop stars and whose most famous song, “Smile,” is about taking delight in the misery of her ex-boyfriend. We were pretty sure that she and Eli Roth were getting ready to collaborate on another sequel to Hostel involving her exes. But then she pulled a Nicole Richie, jumped ship on her wild-child ways and is ready for a spot of parenting. Ed Simon (of The Chemical Brothers) might not have as much of a handful as we previously estimated. She only recently quit therapy to hang-out more with this guy and even talked about quitting ‘the biz’ after this album to raise livestock and kids (Click For That Dish).

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And, evidently, Britney Spears’ sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has found herself with child. This will probably end up being no big deal. What does someone have to do to get a little attention in that family? She had a successfully show for four years on Disney. OK, we’re abandoning this one; see what Access Hollywood had to say.