Tony Parker Suing Gossip Site For Infidelity Story

Tony Parker Suing Gossip Site For Infidelity Story

Tony Parker and wife Eva Longoria are suing a gossip site for its part in printing an interview alleging that Parker strayed from his wife. Model Alexandra Paressant told that she and the San Antonio Spurs guard did the dirty deed two months after he was married to Eva. And he is suing everyone's pants... on.

Nice Tony Parker and ‘lil Longoria are coming out swinging. Check out this Dish on allegations of infidelity against Tony Parker. The Parkers are going ahead with a lawsuit on the gossip site for publishing untruthitudes about an illicit relationship with model Alexandra Paressant. Paressant has also been named in the suit. This is not the first time that Paressant has spoke out of school or been sued. She alleged that soccer star Ronaldinho was out doing God knows what during the last World Cup, which earned her a lawsuit. We’re wondering what someone has to gain by making these allegations if they are untrue. And typically when the offended party starts lobbing lawsuits around, it’s only because they are sure that they’ll win. Otherwise they just buy big diamonds or Italian sports cars with automatic transmission and get elaborate, mea culpa tattoos. 

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