Pete Doherty To Do Tell-All On Kate Moss

Pete Doherty To Do Tell-All On Kate Moss


According to The Sunday People Pete Doherty is negotiating a deal to do a tell-all documentary about Kate Moss. Rumor has it that the deal is worth about £50,000 ($100,000). Ouch. Sure 100 grand is a whole pile of dough but we’re guessing that the camera phone yahoos who captured Kate’s face in a pile of yayo probably got more than that. Sure pointing out irony sort of blows the whole deal, but it’s ironic that the thing that set the whole collapse of Pete and Kate into motion will end up being worth more than Pete’s sellout exploitation of his ex-girlf. And we’re sure that he’ll have waaaaay juicier stuff than a big plate of Colombian cocoa. And this brings us to another point, this is a huge reason to not date kooks and declining stars. Sure he/she may be dynamite in the sack and tons of fun but a breakup could be met with reprisals. Maybe it’s an unflattering MySpace photo, maybe it’s a KY Jelly replaced with glue, and maybe it’s a tell-all tele-tabloid documentary.

In a related but separate story, Amy Winehouse’s dad called Pete D a “scumbag.”