Erotic Literature: Our 5 Favorites

erotic literature

Stimulate the body and mind with these sultry reads.

“She did not understand the beauty he found in her, through touch upon her living secret body, almost the ecstasy of beauty. For passion alone is to awake to it. And when passion is dead, or absent, then the magnificent throb of beauty is and even a little despicable: live, warm beauty of contact, so much deeper than the beauty of vision. She felt the glide of his cheek.…Far down in her she felt a new stirring, a new nakedness emerging.”

A Sport and a Pastime
James Salter
(FSG Classics)

“Sometimes at night he stands in the crowd he sees her smile and his heart falls out of him. Among the dancers turning in the orange light his eyes can find her in an instant. He knows her calves, the shape of her body better than her lover, and those high-heeled shoes with their thin straps, as they move around the floor they are ripping his dreams.”

The God of Small Things
Arundhati Roy
(Harper Perennial)

“She pulled his head down toward her and kissed his mouth. A cloudy kiss. A kiss that demanded a kiss-back. He kissed her back. First cautiously. Then urgently. Slowly his arms came up behind her. He stroked her back. Very gently. She could feel the skin on his palms. Rough. Callused. Sandpaper. He was careful not to hurt her. She could feel how soft she felt to him. She could feel herself through him. Her skin. The way her body existed only where he touched her. The rest of her was smoke.”