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Eat, Drink and Be Merry at your Own Dinner Party



The holidays are upon us and it’s time to bring the glisten of twinkling lights into your home. Regardless of whether you have a large circle of friends or a tight-knit crew, dinner parties are the best way to draw loved ones together to wine, dine and celebrate. Got someone to kiss under the mistletoe this year? Even better – invite his friends to mingle with yours at a fabulous soiree. Split the work, share the credit and enjoy the buzz your memorable night will surely create.

Here are a couple of tips from Tango’s list of how to co-host an unforgettable dinner party:

1.  Seat Strategically: Set a small table so people can converse without yelling. The best way to encourage conversation is to sit guests boy, girl, boy, girl...but don't seat guests next to their dates or mates!

2. Don't Be a Hero: Rather than slaving over a hot stove, prepare one signature main dish that’s a sure-fire hit.  Then dispatch him to the prepared foods section at Whole Foods for the rest of the fixings. Your mantra: A non-frazzled hostess is the one with the mostest…smiles.

3. DJ Duet: Why not benefit from two musical minds rather than shouldering the mood tunes all on your own? Create a playlist together so you can enliven your collection with some of his favorites and you’re sure to spin the grooves that will satisfy everyone.

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