Wants To Hook Up With Facebook

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If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. wants to get in on some of the Facebook action. They are debuting new features that will allow Facebookers to meet up and keep track of dating enthusiasts. This meeting of new media and newer media may be a little uncomfortable for the younger crowd, we'll see.

It looks like InterActiveCorp’s dating site wants to get in on some Facebook action. We picture this a little like an older dude trying to rejuvenate his mojo with a younger gal. Like if Robert Evans bumped into Megan Fox at a Hollywood party:

Evans: Hi there young lady. I really enjoyed your work in Transformers.
Fox: Oh hi, thank you. Are you here with one of your kids?
Evans: I was set to be the voice of Optimus Prime back in the day but Sammy Davis and me got ourselves in a little bit of a pickle at a Siamese go-go bar down way of old Bangkok.
Fox: Oh. Should I get someone for you? Do you maybe know my dad?
Evans: Ha ha. You remind me of a combination of Ali McGraw, Raquel Welch, and Joan Collins. All of whom I’ve bed. Fox: I don’t know who any of those people are. I need to catch up with Shia LaBeouf.
Evans: Nonsense, my dear. Stay and chat with an old warhorse. Say, I like those tattoos. They remind me of a gal I met down in Old Mexico with Laurence Olivier after we made Marathon Man.
Fox: Oh, you like them? Most people say that they’ll hurt my career. But what about Angelina?
Evans: Ho ho, you’re a feisty one. Angelina’s father, Jonny Voight, is an old pal of mine. I could tell you about the time that we had after he made Deliverance. Me, him and Burt Reynolds decided to rent a house together in Brazil. Burt was the Charlie Sheen of his generation, I tell you.
Fox: I know Charlie Sheen! I did an episode of Two And A Half Men.
Evans: You did Charlie Sheen and two and a half men? The kid stays in the picture! Whatever.

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