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Did Jessica Simpson Screw Up Tony Romo’s Last Game?


From Los Angeles Times
By Peter Yoon

The next time Tony Romo wants to invite the superstar singer he's dating to Texas Stadium for a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, he should reconsider.

On Sunday, current flame Jessica Simpson was in a luxury suite wearing a pink Cowboys jersey with Romo's No. 9 on it, and the Cowboys lost, 10-6. Under the "Jessica Jinx," Romo completed 13 of 36 passes for 214 yards with no touchdowns and three interceptions for a 22.2 rating -- the lowest single-game rating of his career.

Tango’s Take
We love the Samson myth as much as anyone, but come on. Can Jessica Simpson really be blamed for an abysmal effort by Tony Romo? Was she around for his five-interception effort against the Bills earlier this year? Sure the Cowboys won that game, but what about their loss to the Patriots? Tony Romo is a professional athlete. He’s not a kid from a broken home who freezes up at every Little League game that his dad comes to. The Eagles have an aggressive scheme and talented defensive backs. Whatever. No one would blame a crummy performance in a Broadway version of The Dukes Of Hazzard on Tony Romo. They would say that it was a terrible idea for a musical, and that she was in over her head. Man is Romo ever lucky that his last name isn’t Rich or Hurley. We wouldn’t want any of his teammates making up a derogatory rhyming nickname.

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