Pam Anderson And Rick Salomon Reconciling Differences

Pam Anderson And Rick Salomon Reconciling Differences

Whew. Former Baywatch star and Borat dream girl, Pamela Anderson, is getting back together with third husband Rick Salomon after filing for divorce. When giving a reason for the divorce Anderson probably wrote ‘bored’ and then changed it to ‘irreconcilable differences.’ But then reconciled with him three days later. We wrote in a Dish a few weeks ago that these two lovebirds are in discussion to star in a reality show early next year (check it out). There’s nothing like a little home-cooked drama to get buzz going for the show. Or maybe it’s possible that these two are completely undate-able. On top of the famous sex tapes (we refuse to use the word infamous, these guys aren’t members of the Jesse James Gang), these guys have both had short, unsuccessful marriages to Tommy Lee, Kiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock, and Shannon Doherty (you figure out who married who). Lee, Rock, and Doherty all seem like lovely people but also a touch on the crazy pants side. Seinfeld once observed that 95% of the population is undate-able. And when asked to explain how all these people are getting together, he replied ‘alcohol.’ Theory?

Here's a little more on the Pamela Anderson love rollercoaster.
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