Breaking Up By Text Is Becoming Waaaay More Common

Breaking Up By Text Is Becoming Waaaay More Common
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WTF? CU NVR UR DMPD. If you read this space very often you’ll know that we have a few thoughts on proposals and breakups. Essentially, it’s a risky move to start an engagement in public (ie jumbotron, sky-writer, etc). And it’s pretty weak to break up by text. But it’s becoming far more commonplace. A survey by Reuters showed that 15% of people have been dumped by SMS or email. Are we becoming less able to communicate with our fantastic technology? David Duchovny’s character, Hank Moody, from Californication blames ‘LOL’ on the destruction of the English language, for what it’s worth. We know that Britney set her divorce in motion with a text message. And it’s not just irresponsible pop stars doing the deed via text message. The Prime Minister of Finland broke it off with his mistress via text message. And we read somewhere that some Muslim clerics have said that divorce by SMS is a legitimate way to dissolve a marriage. We wonder how often we’ll be able to squeeze Britney, Muslim clerical discourse and the Prime Minister of Finland into the same Dish. Then again, Finland is the home of Nokia, it could have been part of an endorsement deal.

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