Older, White Gals Are Kenya's Newest Sex Tourists


Kenya Dig it? Evidently, the new sex tourists are older, white women. Many of them hail from the United Kingdom or other places of wealth and power. And why not? Stella was cougar-ific. Why can’t gentile white women enjoy some of that hot action? The film Heading South captured a trio of unhappily married middle-aged American women traveling to Haiti to enjoy the company of some local men. We’re never seen it, but we assume that hilarity ensued, nothing bad happened, and everyone was richer for the experience. Sex tourism has been around since the beginning of travel. Up until a couple hundred years ago it was just called ‘tourism.’

We appear to have digressed. For what it’s worth, exploiting indigenous people is probably bad policy. But we suppose if everyone is an adult and no money changes hands (the women typically pay with lavish gifts, like Nikes, dinner, and diamond shine), it’s hard to police weekend May-September romances between a first-worlder and third. We suppose that some portion of the appeal is the guarantee that you’ll never have to see that person again. It’s like Charlie Sheen says, you don’t pay a prostitute for sex, you pay them to leave.

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