Most British Babies Now Born Outside Marriage

Most British Babies Now Born Outside Marriage

Britain just passed the 50/50 mark on children born in wedlock versus out of it. Thirty years ago less than 10% of children were born to unmarried parents in the UK. Now more than 50% of children are ‘illegitimate’ on the island. Things are making more sense now. Yesterday (Click Here For The Dish From December 13th), we did a Dish on a potential effort to make birth control available over the counter in the UK. Combined with this data and the recent efforts to create tax advantages for married parents, it looks like some echelons of parliament are a bit concerned that the British family is in trouble. We’ve heard time and time again that children are best off in households in which both parents are present, in love, and married. But maybe that’s old news. Maybe a future study will reveal that present and in love are the most important. And marriage doesn’t really reflect the same level of permanence it once did. Particularly if Pamela Anderson or a member of Motley Crue is prominently involved.

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