UK Women May Get The Pill Without Prescription

UK Women May Get The Pill Without Prescription

The new leading surgeon in the UK government is set to roll out a plan to provide the pill sans prescription. At this point, a woman in England has to see a physician to get a prescription for the contraceptive pill but many pharmacists (called chemists on that side of the Atlantic) provide the ‘morning-after’ pill to any adult that passes through their doors. We’re not sure where we stand on this subject. Essentially the doctor is a rubber stamp in this matter. They ask a couple of questions, scrawl a messy note, any you’re on your way to having a 99% chance of not getting pregnant. But there’s a little bit of comfort in having a doctor tell you you’re cool to take a hormone-altering medication. Oh well, the chemist will probably ask the same questions and tell you to consult a physician if any problems arise. We’re willing to bet that there will be some age constraint or requirement for parental supervision. This could be the first step in making it mandatory. Socialized medicine, what can you do? How long will it take this program to wander to America? Ever? Aw, forget it, pull and pray is just as effective.

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