Wealth Increases A Guy's Marriage Prospects, According To A Study

Wealth Increases A Guy's Marriage Prospects, According To A Study

A study of the “marriage market” has determined that wealth is more important than appearance when it comes to men finding a wife. A survey of 20,000 men with information dating back to the early 1900’s shows that when men are plentiful only those with status have a good chance to be married. They boil the whole male-female interaction down to simple supply and demand. Men of lower status stand the best chance only when competition is weak.

Dynamite study, gang. We’ve got this whole relationship thing down. Either be a really worthwhile person or move somewhere where there is not a lot of competition. Let’s move on to figuring out why gentlemen prefer blondes. Or why some people prefer cucumbers pickled. Seriously, someone spent time coming up with the hypothesis that men have a better chance of getting married if they’re rich and that poor dudes do OK in the absence of any other choice, then proved it? We didn’t have the time or inclination to read the actual study, so it is possible that the summary we read did not do the paper justice. We can only hope that they follow this study up with something about men preferring attractive, doting women but will pretty much settle if pickings are slim. Somewhere the guys from Freakonomics are punching each other for not coming up with this idea first.

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