Model Claims That Tony Parker Cheated With Her

Model Claims That Tony Parker Cheated With Her

Alexandra Paressant has claimed that she had an affair with Tony Parker shortly after he married Eva Longoria. The French fashion model told gossip site X17 that she and Parker had a brief tryst in Paris late this past September. According to Paressant, Parker wanted to do things that Longoria wasn’t into. Paressant was a guest at the Parker-Longoria wedding and Tony P is a Frenchman (don’t let the dark skin, basketball skills, and names ‘Tony’ and ‘Parker’ fool you, he’s all French) so sometimes laissez faire and ‘til death aren’t always congruous. We’ve always been under the impression that the French have a different definition of cheating. “What? I did not tell her that I love her, so it was only my body, my dear. My heart and soul are yours.”

Of course the Longoria-Parker camp are denying the whole thing. It does sound pretty far-fetched. This is not the first time that Paressant has made an outlandish and disputed claim. She was dating Brazilian soccer sensation Ronaldinho during the last World Cup. She claimed that he was out boozing and sexing every night and that some of his sluggish play could be blamed on that. He responded by suing her. So, either she is irresistible AND has a big mouth or she is not so strong with the truth. Or somewhere in between. Well pretty much every stereotype about models, basketball players, celebrities, the French, and scandals came up in that news item.

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