Dating Sites With DNA Matchmaking

Dating Sites With DNA Matchmaking


A new online dating company,, claims to be able to match people by scent. Evidently the way to someone’s heart is through the nose even if he or she is not a cokehead. This company claims that they’ll be able to match people based on certain genetic markers that ought to link up to their odor. As far as we can tell this isn’t a joke either. There is sort of a problem with this though. Will these people have to go without deodorant, bathing, perfume, and other products when they meet for the first time? That is the exact opposite advice you typically get for a first date. Someone somewhere said something about sticking a body part in the mashed potatoes at this kind of party. The next step is to catalogue what scents good-looking and successful people like then sell perfumes and colognes with that in mind. Unfortunately, we’re all going to smell like Sean John. Crap. We’re glad that all of the work on the human genome project is going to good use. Read More Of The Article From


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