Study: Children Do Not Make Couples Any Happier


A recent study suggests that children actually make couples less happy.

Eesh, a study was just released showing that having children significantly reduces happiness in couples. Evidently, the little guys really take a lot of work. The study was conducted at Essex University on 3,800 couples. The good news is that women start taking some measure of joy in them once they reach school age. No such luck for men. We think this is something that we’re not supposed to talk about. Like rich dudes and attractive gals somehow always getting together. Parenting, it turns out, is fairly difficult. But seriously, did they conduct this study on the grumpiest bunch of people alive? Sure kids are difficult, but what about all those happy parents out there who talk about kids being the "best thing ever?" Are they liars? The study’s final point was that women with kids are significantly happier if they also have a job (the women not the kids). Is this just another excuse to paint married couples without children as selfish? There's a great line from The Royal Tenenbaums in reference to the children's culpability in an impending divorce that pretty much sums up this whole thing, “Well, of course, certain sacrifices had to be made as a result of having children. But heavens, no.”

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