Jessica Alba Has A Baby On Deck


Jessica Alba has a baby on the way. Nicely done, Cash Warren. Now she’s yours forever. Last we heard these two were on the outs. Some sort of tiff about perceived infidelity or lack of commitment or something. Someone’s assistant was picking up someone’s stuff. And now someone’s assistant will be picking up baby stuff for the baby they’re going to have. More accurately, she’s going to have the baby but he was pretty important in the creation of that little person. What does this mean for her career? We always thought that part of the Jessica Alba appeal was her attractiveness. We caught part of Into The Blue and we noticed, “Wow. That Paul Walker is in good shape. And this cute girl with the sun-kissed hair has a really nice body too.” That cute girl was Jessica Alba. Let’s hope that she can keep this acting thing going after having a baby. We read somewhere that celebrities hire people to help them exercise and get into good shape. It would be great if regular people had access to that sort of help. Sin City 2 is in preproduction, we wonder if she’ll still be able to reprise her role as a sexpot stripper.

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