Study: Handshakes Are Equated To Sexual Fitness

Study: Handshakes Are Equated To Sexual Fitness

From The New York Times By Rebecca Skloot

Gordon Gallup, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Albany, has a suggestion for women going on first dates: Bring a handgrip dynamometer. It’s a small, purse-size device they can use to measure their date’s grip strength. Why? Gallup’s new research suggests that handgrip strength in men is directly connected with reproductive fitness.
Tango’s Take This is interesting. We always thought dudes with excessive handshakes were probably clueless in bed, you know, all jack-hammer and no finesse. It looks like that doesn’t mean they can’t put a baby in someone, we suppose. And this all sort of stands to reason. Dudes that are in good shape are typically physically stronger and thus often more fecund and so forth. Except for giant sloth-men that have freakishly strong hands and huge bellies. We’re glad that the Times decided to throw in a shout-out to evolution by mentioning our ‘primate ancestors’ and mentioning that a good grip is important for tree-dwellers. Nice work, Times, way to keep your eyes on the prize.

Note to the fellas: just because you know this is going to be public knowledge eventually, it’s probably a good idea to not crush your date’s hand. No amount of male fertility will make up for a mangled paw. And this will totally ruin the hole in the bucket of popcorn trick.

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