Fertility And Lap Dance Tips

Fertility And Lap Dance Tips

From The New York Times By Rebecca Skloot

Despite media reports to the contrary, the University of New Mexico did not pay for Geoffrey Miller and Brent Jordan to get 5,300 lap dances in two months. In fact, Miller has never even been in a strip club. And frankly, they’re getting tired of everyone’s asking.

Tango’s Take We would have thought someone would have covered this when the study was released. This is why the Times does not have a gossip section. They have ‘journalistic integrity’ and are the ‘paper of record,’ they want to be fairly sure that something is mostly true before they publish. It’s OK if someone else gets it first as long as they get it right (note: the exception is the run up to Gulf War II). At any rate, the theory is that men have sense (or scents) of when women are ovulating and find them more attractive then. Or it could be that women having their monthly are typically cramp-y, bloat-y and not really up for the ogling and pawing that stripping typically entails. Either way, interesting stuff.

We read somewhere that women not at their most fertile, have a tendency to disguise it by dressing sexier. Evidently, this does not fool strip club enthusiasts, though you would think would be pretty easily fooled with the booze and naked ladies.

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