Lay-Overs And Flight Delays Are Great For Singles

Lay-Overs And Flight Delays Are Great For Singles

From The New York Post By Lukas Alpert

December 10, 2007 -- Think getting delayed at the airport is a real drag? Think again.

A new survey shows that the metropolitan area's three main airports rank among the top five in the country as places to "make a connection" by scoring a date with a sexy someone while waiting for your plane to take off.

While Philadelphia International Airport comes in first in the nation, Newark International ranks second, JFK third and La Guardia fifth out of the 37 transit hubs ranked.

Tango’s Take Nice. We did a Dish back on November 11 about a European airline introducing an in-air speed-date service. This is even better. There’s a little more room and the option, if things are going well, to find the airport Sheraton and take things to the next level. We’ve always thought that some sort of private sleeping area would be a good idea at airports. Evidently, that area would not be so private or hygienic. Bad idea. It’s funny that the two airports ranked highest on the list come from cities that people traditionally find to be less-than appealing. We wonder if the people from Philly and Newark are desperate for new blood or if the people traveling to those cities would rather hook-up with another out-of-towner than take their chances with a local? Probably six of one, half a doz. By the way, the original title to this article was “GETTING DE-LAYED LOCAL AIRPORTS ARE TOP HOOKUP HUBS.” The Post has a way with the language, right?

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