Newsweek Lists 6 Reasons For Weekly Sex

From Newsweek
By Temma Ehrenfeld

Sex is good for adults. Indulging on a regular basis—at least once a week—is even better. Research links sex (with all safer-sex precautions taken) to an astonishing array of physiological benefits, from longevity to pain relief. Many studies don't address whether the health bonus comes from the act itself or from the corresponding emotional intimacy, but the bottom line is that getting physical has some great side effects—especially for women. Here are six ways that sex boosts your health:

1.  It Fights Colds and Flu.
2. It's a Beauty Treatment.
3. It Burns Calories
4. Yes, Honey, I Have a Headache.
5. It Promotes Regular Menstrual Cycles.
6. It Can Prevent Accidents.

Tango’s Take
All right, Newsweek. It feels like it’s been a slow couple of decades since you got a mention in that Paul Simon song “Me And Julio Down By The School Yard.”

The list of six reasons why sex is awesome for you is pretty compelling. It increases antibodies, burns some fat, makes you look younger, can cure headaches through endorphins, promotes regular menstruation, and prevents accidents.

On the fat one, they mention that 4 calories are burned each minute, and that a half hour of boning can burn the equivalent of four Hershey’s Kisses. A) Has anyone except Sting ever actually done it that long? Seriously, 30 minutes? B) Four Kisses? Are they joking? What about all the oysters (and beer) that it took to get someone in the mood?
And, by accidents they mean pee problems not car accidents. Our only guess was that someone who gets regular sex would probably be masturbating in their car less often and would be less prone to crashing. Whew.

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