Love In 2012: What The Future Holds

love in 2012
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Looking for love? Want better sex? Get ready for Relationships 2.0.

Prediction 4:
Long-distance lovers plug in. We can already buzz each other from afar: and offer systems that enable you to plug sex toys into your computer and put yourself at your partner’s mercy. Both companies anticipated that their products would be in demand among the porn and professional webcam community; what they didn’t expect was the long-distance couples and frequent travelers who have embraced them.

A large number of his customers are military couples, says Sinulate president Steve Rhodes. But another factor driving the next generation is the desire to get away from the computer. The portable Boditalk vibrator switches on when you receive a cell phone call—from anyone, not just your lover. The Bluetooth enabled vibrator (known as “The Toy”) waits for you to receive a text on a compatible phone—at which point it wiggles ecstatically, making a different movement for each character in the message.

And today, the prototype “Hug Shirt” from lets you embrace your darling through strategically placed “actuators” triggered by your phone’s Bluetooth signals when a text comes in.

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This melding of the physical with the virtual extends beyond sex, becoming a means to express romance and affection, whether you’re near or far.