Love In 2012: What The Future Holds

love in 2012
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Looking for love? Want better sex? Get ready for Relationships 2.0.

Prediction 3: 
Girl gadgets grow up. Finally, we’ll refuse to settle for cheap plastic knick-knacks cranked out by clueless men trying to make a fast buck. By 2012, sex toys will be luxury gifts, as integral to womanhood as dark chocolate and pedicures.

Call it the new fusion: “Toy designs will be driven by new ideas flowing in from other industries, both in design and functionality,” says Suki, creator of the OhMiBod, an audio-driven vibrator designed to plug into your iPod.

Today, most toys offer some form of steady, nerve-numbing vibration. Soon we’ll start to see designs that reflect a better understanding of female sexuality. The customizable Je Joue (“I play,” en francais) personal massager is a forerunner, using stroke, swoop, and swirl motions that provide the closest approximation to oral sex of any gadget available today.

And the Wiki revolution will allow us all to sound off on not just who, but what we’re bringing to bed. Thousands of women are already speaking up at sex toy review site, where nearly 10,000 enlisted users give their two cents on specifics like, “It’s small enough not to be too daunting, but stays put once inserted.”

“There are so many empowered women writing about sex toys that the younger generation won’t be uncertain of what they want or how to get it,” says Jamye Waxman, author of Getting Off : A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation.

And, as we shed our own inhibitions about our mechanical friends, we’ll bring our partners along for the ride, soothing egos while showing them just what a vibrating ring can do when wrapped around their man-roots.

Inspired by our online shopping sprees (for once), our partners will become more willing to experiment. Says Waxman, “So many hetero men actually like prostate stimulation, but are scared to go into a store and talk to a salesperson about it.” Just imagine the future of stocking stuffers.

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