Love In 2012: What The Future Holds

love in 2012
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Prediction 2:
Everyone rents yentas. That’s right. With all our advances in artificial intelligence, matchmaking algorithms, and online chemistry quizzes, we’re going to go back to the basics. And, with the logical convergence of online dating and professional matchmaking, we’ll hire actual humans to help us meet our mates. Wow.

But seriously, Brooks predicts that every top dating site will soon have an upgrade option for its users that includes the services of a real, live, modern-day yenta.

Think about it: The downsides to online dating? It’s impersonal and a serious time suck. And while a matchmaker provides a personal touch, if she doesn’t have a deep enough Rolodex, you’re still stuck. So, reasons Brooks, “If the matchmaking industry teams up with the online dating industry, which has more selections, it’s a marriage made in heaven.” The experiment seems to be working quite well for (The site debuted the idea in Dallas last year.) Which brings us full circle: The hot major of the future? A degree in matchmaking, natch.

This year marked the first Professional Matchmaking & Date Coaching Worldwide Conference organized by the Matchmaking Institute in NYC, which offers certification at their Cupid Academy—bow and arrow not included.

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Singletons of Two Minds: In a recent global survey, 49 percent of respondents said online dating is a great way to meet others, while 48 percent said it is a “waste of time.”