Court Rules That Divorce Case Does Not Merit State-Appointed Lawyer

Court Rules That Divorce Case Does Not Merit State-Appointed Lawyer

From The Seattle Times By Jonathan Martin

With custody of her three children hanging in the balance, Brenda King, a housewife with a ninth-grade education and no money, was forced to act as her own attorney during a five-day divorce trial in Snohomish County last year.

King gave speeches when she was supposed to ask questions. She didn't subpoena any witnesses. And she didn't know how to present evidence against her then-husband, including Child Protective Services reports about him.

Not surprisingly, her husband, who had an attorney, won. After spending 10 years as a stay-at-home mom, King gets to see her kids every other weekend.

Tango’s Take Yeah. It’s a very bad policy to let the state pay for legal counsel in non-jury cases, but come on! Where is the justice? Where is the commonsense and fairness that the system is supposed to be built on? We don’t mean to go all Rush Limbaugh here, but have the lawyers taken over our country? Sorry for the righteous indignation, there. Not sure what happened, everybody cool out! Cool out. This finding just proves, again, how unbelievably savvy K-Fed is. He hired his legal team vs. Britney without the money to pay for it. Knowing that he was going to need a major-league effort to defeat her. And then got her to pay for it. It goes to show you, divorce sucks. Save your marriage, save the environment, save on legal fees. We hope that someone out there can give this lady a hand. We’re not saying that she’s right, but she deserves a chance.

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