Missing UK Kayaker's Wife Knew He Was Alive Since At Least Last Year

Missing UK Kayaker's Wife Knew He Was Alive Since Last Year

From The Independent By Terri Judd

John Darwin's family reunion splintered into an acrimonious dispute yesterday as his wife admitted a photograph of the couple 17 months before he "came back from the dead" was genuine.

As detectives began to interview Mr Darwin, 57, questions were raised as to how long Anne Darwin had been aware that her husband was alive and whether any other family members were kept in the loop. Last night there were reports that she was flying back to Britain.

The couple's sons appeared to disown them, issuing a statement which talked of their "anger and confusion" at the news. Mr. Darwin's father, Ronald, 91, spoke of feeling "betrayed".

Tango’s Take We did another Dish some time back on an American couple (Click Here To See It). In that case, the dude went out for smokes or milk or something and never came back. The wife assumed he was dead after a while and started collecting his Social Security.

This case is much better. This is like the movie Double Jeopardy meets Deliverance. “It’s years after a canoe trip turned deadly and things aren’t exactly what they seem. Someone has been keeping a horrible secret this whole time. And some secrets are meant to stay capsized.” Jon Voight could star. At any rate, we’re willing to look the other way pretty frequently. It takes all kinds, you know? But we cannot condone faking your death and not letting your family know about it. Unacceptable. Someone’s got some ‘splaining to do.

Can we really be that surprised? This guy’s name is Darwin. Of course, he didn’t die. He just adapted and survived. We wouldn’t be surprised if a voyage to the Galapagos Islands was the impetus for this lark.

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