Rumor Mill: Pete Wentz Uninvited To Simpson Family Christmas

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Rumor Mill: Pete Wentz Uninvited To Simpson Family Christmas

From Entertainmentwise By Diana Barbarich

What Papa Joe says goes, well at least when it comes to his daughter Ashlee Simpson and her Fall Out Boy beau Pete Wentz.

New reports claim that the former Baptist preacher has banned Ashlee from bringing her rocker boyfriend home for Christmas, because of his ‘willingness to kiss other men’.

"Joe has told Ashlee she can't bring Pete home for the holidays” a source told Star magazine “He was skeptical about the relationship from the start.

Tango's Take We’ve been wondering about this for a while. Now that Joe Simpson has Tony Romo for Jessica, how long did Pete Wentz really have? “You listen to me, Ashlee Simpson, I will not have you screwing up this Romo thing for your sister. She has been too sad since the Nick breakup. Who’s going to keep the gravy train rolling? You? She made more in one season of her show than the rest of us have ever made, combined. Do you want to find a regular job? I didn’t think so. Now tell Mascara Man to scram, he’s creeping Romo out.” OK, that’s probably not how it really went. And we’re not even 100% sure that this report is accurate. If it is, we wonder if Mr. Simpson is out looking for a replacement. “Hey Ashlee, baseball player named David Wright? He’s handsome and he plays for the Mets. I could probably introduce you two. Sure his defense isn’t great, but he’s a hell of a hitter. What do you think, kitten?”

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