In The UK: Banks Accidentally Outing Gays

In The UK: Banks Accidentally Outing Gays


Generic bank, insurance and other financial forms are inadvertently outing gay couples, according to new research.

A study from Citizens Advice reveals gay and lesbian couples are forced into revealing their sexual orientation in forms when required to state marital or partnership status.

Also many forms do not have the option to write civil partnership.

One interviewee said: "I’m no longer ticking single [on forms], but I can’t tick married because I’m not married …but it’s difficult because not all forms are up-to–date."
Tango’s Take Ugh. Effing outdated forms.

Insurance Seeker: Um, sir. You don’t seem to have our, uh, situation listed here.
Insurance Agent: Bollocks, young man. We have it all here. Married, single, divorced. What else is there?
IS: Uh, yeah, my, hmm, partner is another man and we’re basically married.
IA: A man married to a man? Why I’ve never heard of such a thing. Just cross out married and write ‘gay.’

End scene

We can see why this would be problematic. But aren’t some people seeking gay unions (and marriages) partially doing it to be recognized by the world at-large. First things first, we guess, but irrespective of the choices on the form, won’t it be fairly obvious when two people apply for a loan and they happen to have names corresponding to the same gender (unless they’re called Pat, Chris, Jamie, or a handful of other neutral names)? We’re probably missing the point.

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