New Mobile Technology Helps Singles Meet Someone In The Bar

New Mobile Technology Helps Singles Meet Someone In The Bar

From A Press Release

Ice Brkr announces the beta launch of it’s mobile dating application. Ice Brkr is like a Facebook friend request in the real world. We transform a bar into your Personal Dating Hot Spot and let you say a friendly hello to someone you fancy using your mobile.

London (PRWEB) December 5, 2007 -- Ice Brkr boldly predicts that chat up lines will become obsolete in London bars as it announces the beta launch of it's mobile dating service.

People are very good at spotting someone they fancy in a bar but it is often the case that social norms prevent them from simply saying hello.

And when you consider that there would be no need for esoteric matching algorithms, because most people can decide if they fancy someone within a few seconds of seeing them, it seems even more bizarre.
Tango’s Take Our favorite thing to do when we see a hottie at the bar is to walk up and say, “How much do you think a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. Hi. I’m your every dream come true.” It works about as often as you would expect. Now there’s a better way, evidently. You get on your cordless phone and see if anyone else in the area is on the Ice Brkr service, you ping them quick-like, and then walk over to say hello. Simple as pie. You know what else is simple? Powering down an extra vodka tonic and walking over to say hello. Or maybe buying a drink from across the bar or, God forbid, sending a note on a cocktail napkin. Is rejection that bad? Is it so tough to have one or two icebreaker lines in your back pocket (people seem to respond to goofy sincerity)? The one great thing about this product is that you automatically know if someone is on the market (at least for tonight) by their mere presence on the Ice Brkr network. Check it out for yourself at

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