You’re Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

You’re Not His Girlfriend Until Facebook Says So

From Reuters By Joanne Kenen

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - For the Facebook generation, love now comes with a drop-down menu.

With profiles on the Facebook social networking site almost de rigueur on college campuses, students can define their relationship status with menu choices ranging from "married" to that perennial favorite, "It's complicated."

"It's complicated" could also describe the emotional calculations people in their late teens and early 20s make as they decide whether their relationships are what they call "Facebook-worthy."

Tango’s Take “If you change your Facebook status to single you take away the very best part (heart) of me. Oooooo ooooo no baby please don’t go.”  “It’s Complicated” is quite a lot to live up to. Is it as complicated as making out with your cousin, getting a crush on her, then dating a very boring religious girl, making out with your cousin again to get attention from her mother, and then pestering your dad to see if she may be adopted? (Thank you, Arrested Development). That’s complicated. Having a long-distance boyfriend in Peru and sleeping his twin brother (and American Gladiators teammate) is not really complicated. Fine, it’s complicated too. What about dating a girl that won’t have sex before marriage and encourages you to seek out other girls until the wedding day? Yeah, also complicated. We can’t think of a relationship scenario that’s not complicated.
Facebook should have a function that allows users to change their status on the fly. You meet some good-looker in a bar and you can pocket that wedding band and change your status to single. Wait. That’s the opposite of what Facebook should do.

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