Did Lindsay Lohan Dump Her Boyfriend For Heath Ledger?

Did Lindsay Lohan Dump Her Boyfriend For Heath Ledger?

From StarPulse.com

Lindsay Lohan ditched snowboarder lover Riley Giles after hooking up with single Oscar-nominated star Heath Ledger, according to reports.

The actress split with Giles - who she met in rehab - last week, supposedly so the actress could concentrate on her career.

But Australian magazine NW claims she dumped Giles after meeting Ledger in a New York club over Thanksgiving.
Tango’s Take We’re just psyched that these two found each other. He reportedly spent a month in a hotel room by himself preparing for the role of the Joker in the forthcoming installment of the Batman franchise. And she spent a month or so in a rehab facility. He dated a star from a popular sitcom (Michelle Williams from Dawson’s Creek) and she dated a star from a popular sitcom (Wilmer Valderrama on That 70's Show). It’s like they were made for each other. We suppose his Brooklyn-living and eroding hairline give him the gravitas that LiLo was missing in her other guys. We wonder if you’re a star (or a regular) coming out of rehab if you just go to club, knock down a few Red Bulls and Red Bull, shake your ass a bit, and try to find someone to go home with. Maybe you huff pure oxygen like Woody Harrelson. How much fun can going out to the club really be without drinking or using drugs recreationally? We’re giving this story a 75% likelihood of being true. If it is, it will have been a crazy year for Heath Ledger. A split from his baby-mama, and then the Helena Christiansen rumors and the Kate Hudson rumors. Keep it crunk, brah.