If love is the answer, then what are the questions? And if there are armloads of magazines about shopping, shouldn’t there be at least one about love? Three years ago, I looked around me and realized that there was nothing on the newsstands that spoke to women—and their partners—about the most fundamental part of their lives: their relationships. Yes, women talk about their clothes, their shoes, and their hair. (We have been known to discuss such matters in Tango’s offices.) But when the talk goes deeper, the subject is love: finding it, giving it, accepting it, and keeping it alive. And their questions are endless: How do I build a relationship that lasts? How do I juggle career and family? How do I communicate better? Break down emotional barriers? Avoid losing my own identity? They’re talking about insecurity and validation, about trust and power, about all the nitty-gritty details of a life shared—and, sometimes, about loss, when a shared life comes at too great a cost. They tell stories, about themselves and others: The outrageous behavior of a sister-in-law’s husband. The amazingly sweet thing a boyfriend did. The painful issue a partner wouldn’t face. The thrill of that second date. We decided to launch Tango to take this conversation public. To share a million stories of heartbreak and happy endings, of love and frustration, of doubt and discovery. To provide the kind of insights and information our readers need, want, and deserve. Whether the topic is sex, fashion, careers, culture, stress, travel, home, or money, Tango approaches it from a unique point of view, offering a rich mix of expert advice, in-depth reporting, dramatic personal narrative, and entertaining opinion. We want this to be a conversation not just among Tango’s editors, writers, visual artists, and experts—and their friends, and the friends of their friends—but among our readers as well. You’ll find many places in the every issue where we ask for your stories, suggestions, and other input. We’re excited about the kind of true resource Tango will be. We hope you will join us. Andrea Miller Founder and CEO