Guy Steals Plane To Impress Girlfriend, Crashes

Guy Steals Plane To Impress Girlfriend, Crashes

From The Daily Telegraph

A BOOZED-UP wag already banned from driving for life allegedly drove to an airport, stole a plane and steered it into a soybean field - to impress his girlfriend.

According to police reports, 38-year-old Michael Santos was drunk when he took his girlfriend to Indiana's LaPorte Municipal Airport in September to show her he could fly.

They allegedly climbed into the plane and were heading down the taxiway when flames began shooting from the left engine.

Tango’s Take How often do we have to say it: if man were meant to fly he would have wings? And this man’s hubris reminds us of a young man called Icarus. They both crashed because they didn’t follow the rules. And both were probably a little drunk. This brings up a great question. What is the craziest acceptable thing to do to attract the opposite sex? Is it taking off a bra without removing a shirt? Is it streaking? Is it polishing off 21 shots on your 21st birthday? Is it catching a serial killer? Is it wrestling an alligator? Is it tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue (which has never actually happened)? Feel free to chime in with the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get some attention. Whether it was free climbing Mt. Hood, free-styling to karaoke, or freebasing Freon Fremont, let us know. We’ll start: we once rode a mechanical bull that was cranked up to 11 after several well place Harvey Wallbangers.
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