Ethan Hawke Dating Former Nanny

Ethan Hawke Dating Former Nanny


From The New York Daily News By Ben Widdicombe

Crafty Ethan Hawke seems to have put one over on the gossip press.

The personable actor, a familiar sight on the streets of downtown New York, had been widely assumed to be single.

But it turns out he's been with the woman who used to be his children's nanny — when he was married to Uma Thurman — for two years!

"They are incredibly in love," one friend of Hawke's told us.

A second pal said: "Yes, they've been keeping a lid on this for some time."

Tango’s Take Nice. This reminds us of our last Dish on Ethan Hawke from August 20th. He was speaking extemporaneously about the difficulty of fame on relationships. And the reader got the hint that he was a touch threatened by Uma’s fame. Who wouldn’t be? She is fairly spectacular. He’s been on board with this former nanny now for two years. And it could be the right speed for him. It is a little odd, though. Sure, every dude with domestic help has fantasized about getting frisky with them (like women and the pool boy). But to actually make that happen and turn it into a relationship is fairly unusual. Henry VIII (if The Tudors is to be believed) had dalliances with all types of members of the court and it never worked to his satisfaction, a man for no seasons. We guess it works for Ethan Hawke because he’s no longer the boss of her. We’ll see. Excellent work on his part, keeping it under wraps. It must be tough living in NYC and keeping a 2-year relationship on the DL.

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