New Book Claims That Diet Is The Key To Great Sex

By Darlene Dunn

What you eat may help you enjoy sex more.

Marrena Lindberg, author of Orgasmic Diet, says a balanced diet -- along with plenty of high-grade fish oil supplements -- can help women reach full satisfaction more easily.

Lindberg's book discusses how following a good diet, along with exercising the pubococcygeus muscle can help women. The PC muscle controls urine flow and contracts during sex, and exercises can increase a woman's libido. Many women may know this type of exercise as Kegels.

The diet she suggests also includes a small portion of dark chocolate each day, as well as a daily dose of multivitamins, magnesium and iron supplements.

YourTango’s Take
Forget healthy living, eat well for good sex. Chocolate, iron, and magnesium are part of that diet. Check out a Dish from earlier today on meat, chocolate, and sex improving brainpower (if that is the case Brazil should be on pace to sweep the next handful of Nobel Prizes). So, in summary, dark chocolate is the most important food resource on Earth. It improves brainpower and it improves sex, which in turn improves brainpower. Nestle should be hard at work now taking advantage of this. Maybe they could create a new label for it: the Dark Chocolate, Brainy Sex Bar. Maybe Will Smith could endorse it. And Kegels have really made it into the mainstream. We wouldn’t be surprised if some liberal Northeastern universities (perhaps in Maine) started teaching strengthening classes.

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