Smaller Babies Prone to Depression And Anxiety

Smaller Babies Prone to Depression And Anxiety


From Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Plump babies may really be happier babies, Canadian and British researchers reported on Monday in a study that found people who had a low birth weight were more likely to have depression and anxiety later in life.

Adverse conditions in the womb that interfere with a baby's growth may also cause brain differences, the researchers report in the December issue of Biological Psychiatry.

"We found that even people who had just mild or moderate symptoms of depression or anxiety over their life course were smaller babies than those who had better mental health," Colman said in a statement.

Tango’s Take Cripes. This should really put a kibosh on people smoking while pregnant, right? We wonder if there is another answer to this. Is it possible that anxious and/ or depressed women happen to have reduced appetites (even whilst pregnant)? Thus the anxiety and depression are a hereditary factor and the low birth-weight is just a side effect of the low caloric environment? Or is it even possible that the mother is mad anxious about pushing a heavy baby through her birth canal and decides to have a smaller baby? And then that baby is born into a world of concern, worry, and depression because of the low birth-weight? Enjoy it while it lasts, junior. You’re legally not allowed to be fat and happy as an adult. Content and pudgy is acceptable. Big ups to Nancy Makin. She’s the lady that lost 500 lbs. with encouragement from people she met online. It would be ironic if she was a tiny baby and her depression and anxiety led to lifelong eating issues.

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Just to add insult to injury, a recent study was completed in Australia that suggested a link between antidepressants and small babies. There’s really no way to win, is there?

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