More Men Coming Forward With Sen. Larry Craig Stories

More Men Coming Forward With Sen. Larry Craig Stories

From By Chris Francescani and Scott Michels

Craig's list of accusers is getting longer.

Two men, including a former male escort, have confirmed to ABC News the allegations that they've had sexual encounters with Idaho's embattled Sen. Larry Craig.

Mike Jones, 50, told ABC News that Craig paid him $200 for sex during the winter of 2004-2005.

A second man, a 50-year old former Army captain, also told ABC News that Craig made sexual advances toward him in the men's room of a Republican gathering in Washington state in 1981.

Tango’s Take For the most part, this space has refrained from picking on Senator Larry Craig. It was too easy and had no real relevance. Honestly, though, who among us hasn’t hit on someone in an inappropriate place? Sometimes it seems like Parent-Teacher conferences, lavatories, family reunions, funerals, and aircraft carriers are great places to meet the right person (or the right now person, highoooooh). But we don’t do it because our kids still have to be educated by that person. Or we don’t want our family to judge us. Or we’re pretty sure that you go to hell for scoring at a wake. Or the Navy frowns on shenanigans at sea (backdoor shenanigans or otherwise). And once one person comes forward with accusation, then the flood doors open wide. Every dude that felt really uncomfortable standing next to you at the urinal with your hand on the small of his back is going to come forward. Yeah, all of a sudden, everyone’s memory gets a lot better. How would someone think that this is not going to go public? Seriously, how can you hook up with one of Rev. Ted Haggard’s male prostitutes (allegedly) and not think that the wheels are coming off this Pinto? Joe Quimby, the mayor of Springfield on The Simpsons, once toasted his son with these wise words, “May all of your disgraces be private.”
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