Lindsay Lohan Has Ditched Rehab Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan Has Ditched Rehab Boyfriend

From The New York Daily News By Ben Widdicombe

Lindsay Lohan ditched snowboarder Riley Giles less than a week after their family Thanksgiving vacation. While some sources, going into the holiday, had expected an engagement announcement, the "quality" time spent in New York seemed to tear the young couple to shreds.

The two met at the Cirque Lodge in Utah doing mutual rehab stints in September.

In the end, friends say, "Lindsay gets bored easily, and she just reached a point when she wasn't interested in dealing with him anymore.

Tango’s Take Grand opening…grand closing. We’re not terribly surprised. A) Li-Lo appears to be quite fickle. It may just be her choice in men, but we think that it could be part of her nature. B) Rehab romances don’t seem to work. It’s like people get together because they have one very-specific common interest. And it’s not sitting in a circle and nervously smoking cigarettes. “So, uh, what do you want to do tonight? I was thinking we stay in and don’t blow any lines and don’t chase Vicodin with Franzia.” C) That dude may not have been up to the La Lohan standard of fame. We’re not terribly familiar with x-treme athletes but we put him somewhere between Calum Best and Wilmer Valderrama in terms of fame. D) She’s got a new album to work on. Everyone knows that happy romance is a killer of musical inspiration. It looks like someone is back in the tabloids.

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