New York Is Loving The Sex And The City Filming

New York Is Loving The Sex And The City Filming

From The New York Times

ONE recent afternoon Bettiann Fishman climbed a ladder in front of the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue and brought a bullhorn to her mouth. “Hey, everybody,” she said, addressing crowds gathered on the library steps, on the sidewalk and in the street. “We’re going to roll now, so please don’t shoot.”

Around her, dozens of crew members prepared for what should have been a straightforward scene in “Sex and the City,” the movie. But the 60-second moment — in which the stars arrive in a limo and walk up the steps — took hours to shoot, partly because of the constantly surging onlookers armed with video cameras, cellphones and attitude. (Just one exchange: “Don’t touch me!” “How ’bout I knock your brains out?”)

Tango’s Take Gawker derisively calls Sex And The City ‘the most important movie ever filmed in New York.’ Though clearly kidding, they could be right. Did that Nicole Kidman / Sean Penn vehicle, The Interpreter, convince the UN to move against murderous African dictatorships? (It is impressive though, that Kidman and Penn convinced the UN to let them film in the headquarters.) Has a Woody Allen movie ever changed someone’s life… for the better? And it sort of casts New Yorkers, therapists, and neurotics in a bad light. And has any Adam Sandler flick even inspired a woman to drop 30 lbs, get highlights, and ditch her deadbeat husband? Sure, we have no idea if the movie is going to be as good as the show but they have the same cast. And we hear most of those Hollywood-types write their own dialogue and costume themselves any way.
OK, we can’t go on any more. Yes, the show was entertaining and probably girl-power inspiring, but people on the streets of NYC are a little too crazy for the fab four. We almost got ripped to pieces by an angry mob yesterday for accidentally calling Sarah Jessica Parker’s character ‘Carrie Bushnell.’

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