Tear Me Down and Juice Me Up


Pre-wedding weight loss has always been of the utmost importance to me since getting engaged. I knew when I chose a New Year’s Eve wedding date that the preceding holidays would make getting my ideal wedding dress physique even more challenging. I’ve just come through the first major eat-a-thon of the holidays, Thanksgiving. Turkey and stuffing are my leading vices, but just one day of what looked like a professional eaters training session wasn’t the source the diet damage.

It was the fact that my mom’s freezer is a fully equipped arsenal of ice cream that would make both Ben and Jerry blush. I’m not talking about the low sugar, fat free stuff that I still consider a rare indulgence. I’m talking about the 19 grams of fat per _ cup serving stuff that actually seeps through my digestive tract to take up permanent residence in my hips and thighs.

Just in time to save me from a holiday season of food frustration and dieting despair, my mid morning channel surfing allowed me to stumbled upon an exciting new option that I can’t wait to take advantage of, Blue Print Cleanse. Featured on the Rachel Ray Show, as well as ABC News, Gothamist, Time Out New York, and Dan’s Hamptons, Blue Print Cleanse is a vegan juice cleanse regime aiming to give its drinkers a fresh start through fresh juice.

Blue Print Cleanse is designed to boost the immune system, rest the digestive organs, reverse signs of aging, elevate mood and sex drive, alleviate symptoms of PMS, promote clear skin, and increase energy. Founder and Nutritional Consultant, Zoe Sakoutis, explains, “The body accumulates toxins. Every once in while the body needs to rid itself of these toxins. When the tissues release these materials, they enter into the bloodstream which is the cause of all those detox symptoms we hear about: headaches, body odor, skin eruptions, etc. Blueprint Cleanse is a nutritional cleanse that is effective in helping the body detoxify itself and move through this detox cycle faster and with fewer symptoms.”

It doesn’t sound pretty, but perhaps my strong belief in the “beauty is pain” philosophy is what makes me think this will be the trigger to make the most of my last 4 weeks before the wedding and end up with a final physique that I’ll be proud to be pictured in wedding photos hanging on my walls for the rest of my life. I will start my cleanse on a Thursday, and I will have five days of ingesting nothing but the juices that Blue Print Cleanse delivers to me. Of course I will also drink as much water as I want. I can also drink herbal or green tea to combat any detox symptoms I might experience.

Blue Print Cleanse is 100% vegan, raw, mostly organic and completely unprocessed. It’s made with a hydraulic press that uses three tons of pressure to extract all the nutrients the fruit and vegetable ingredients possess in their raw form. As a result of the hydraulic press method as opposed to using other juicing machines, the nutrients go directly into the blood stream, feeding cells within ten to fifteen minutes with no effort on the part of your body for digestion and assimilation. Blue Print Cleanse takes its nutrient content and freshness policies so seriously that my five day cleanse will technically be six days long, because the delivery schedule allows for only two delivery dates, delivering only 3 days of juice at one time, because juice older than 3 days loses its nutrient power.

Five days of drinking juice sounds feasible and rewarding to me. Blue Print Cleanse expounds on the weight loss possibilities of the regime by saying that if drinkers need to lose weight, then they will lose weight on the cleanse. For drinkers who are already at their proper weight, they will not lose weight on the cleanse. Even if the cleanse itself does not result in weight loss, five days of ingesting just raw vegan juice should be enough to get anyone in gear to hit the gym and lay off the Christmas cookies.

Wish me luck and stay posted for the results. Bottoms up!