Did Rudy Giuliani Let NYC Pay For His Affair?

Did Rudy Giuliani Let NYC Pay For His Affair?

From The New York Daily News

Rudy Giuliani faced new questions Wednesday about his illicit affair with Judi Nathan after records emerged suggesting the tab for cops guarding their Hamptons love nest was buried in obscure City Hall accounts.

It has been known since 2000 that then-Mayor Giuliani used his official, taxpayer-funded NYPD detail to escort him to weekend getaways at Nathan's Southampton condo as early as 1999, well before his marriage to Donna Hanover dissolved the following spring.

Tango’s Take Great timing for election season, right? To be honest, who hasn’t used perks from their job to enhance their relationships? Cops can probably get parking tickets thrown out for their wives. In Top Gun, Maverick buzzed Penny Benjamin’s house with his F14. Traveling salesmen get to see the other families when they’re on the road. Casting directors get to date naïve young women. The list is really endless. So why is Rudy in trouble? He was married, for one. And there are some estimates that he spent more than a half of a million dollars of the city’s money on this tryst-cum-marriage. We suppose that amount is nothing compared to the millions that Ken Starr spent investigating Bill Clinton’s dalliances. It’s funny though, President Bush and current NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg have put up the same stonewall when potentially incriminating information has been requested about their predecessors. Thank goodness he wasn’t taking his love nest act out of the country that could have gotten really expensive for some obscure city hall cost centers. Sure he fooled around and potentially committed fraud, but he did it right here in America.