Pavarotti's Widow Suing His Friends For Spreading Rumors

Pavarotti's Widow Suing His Friends For Spreading Rumors

From The Press Association

The widow of opera giant Luciano Pavarotti is suing two of his friends for £11 million each over stories that their marriage had been failing.

Following Pavarotti's death in September, Italian media began carrying reports that the tenor had been unhappy in the marriage to Nicoletta Mantovani and she was fighting over his estate with his daughters from his first marriage. They attributed the information to "close friends" of the singer.

"Since the comments did not cease - and were in fact reiterated - Mantovani had no choice but to file the lawsuit," her lawyer Anna Maria Bernini said.

Tango’s Take Is this as close as Italy is going to get to Dave Grohl and Courtney Love fighting each other for 13 years? What are the Libel laws like over there? Is there a way to prove that a marriage was happy? “Oh, hey look at this nice email he wrote me four days before his death.” Nicoletta Mantovani has to be reeling from Pavarotti’s passing. We’re not sure if any court is going to award her roughly $44 million for perceived insult to injury but you never know. We wonder what the remaining two Tenors think about this situation, you know, Placido Domingo and that other guy. Or what Enrico Palatso thinks.

On a side note, the Dish took a field trip to the opera recently. We weren’t sure if it was ever going to end, there was not a fat lady in sight. Buh dum pah!