Is Britney A Sex Addict? Is She Pregnant?

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Is Britney A Sex Addict? Is She Pregnant?

From Star Magazine

As wild as Britney Spears' public behavior has been over the past few months, insiders say that behind closed doors at her Beverly Hills mansion, it's reached the point where her make-believe world is threatening to overcome reality! Sources claim that Britney:

>> Keeps a double-locked "fantasy room," where she satisfies her shocking obsession with kinky sex;

>> Has strange fixations on Cinderella and Marilyn Monroe;

Tango’s Take Wow. This has really lit a fire to the gossip world. The big bombshell is that she is pregnant per her MySpace page. Yeah, we’re not buying it. And she’s out there denying it. And if there’s a kink out there she’s trying it. Her close friends are denying the pregnancy but no one seems to be making any denials about the kinky sex room. Honestly, who among the ultra-rich and unbalanced crowd doesn’t have a kinky sex room? Who wouldn’t have a room dedicated to weird stuff if they could afford it? Kelsey Grammer supposedly had one. And we’re pretty sure that everyone with a basement at least has a closet for this stuff. And if she keeps it locked then she’s only sort of endangering her kids. It’s probably much safer (and more convenient) for her to indulge in these kind of shenanigans at home, rather than in some Hollywood dungeon frequented by the cast of The Black Dahlia. We wonder what the dad of the year's camp thinks about this. Who knows?

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