Owen Wilson Appears To Have A Bionic Girlfriend

Owen Wilson Appears To Have A Bionic Girlfriend


From FemaleFirst.co.uk

Owen Wilson is reportedly dating 'Bionic Woman' star Michelle Ryan.

The 'Wedding Crashers' actor has enjoyed several dates, including a romantic meal at exclusive Malibu restaurant Nobu, with the British actress and sources claim he has been impressed with her down-to-earth attitude.

One source said: "Michelle's one of the few women in Hollywood who looks like herself and hasn't had loads of work done. She's refreshingly natural.

"She's also pretty innocent about how this whole town works, which Owen finds endearing. And then there's that British sense of humour."
Tango’s Take Michelle Ryan is hot and, surprisingly, her show is doing pretty well. We know nothing about her but FemaleFirst seems to think she’s a stand-up gal. And that her dry, British wit and English sensibilities would be boons to a funnyman like Owen Wilson. And that the UK is the greatest empire the world has ever known and things were much better when the monarchy ran the world. And Manchester United is the best sports franchise on Earth. And that nothing has ever been funnier than Monty Python and Benny Hill. With all of this going for her (and her homeland) Owen should be in good hands. If his sense of humour becomes more subtle and ironic, we’re protesting Bionic Woman and possibly England. Apple pie and baseball are still OK. Tahtahtahtahtaht.

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