Is K-Fed Really The Dad Of The Year?

Is K-Fed Really The Dad Of The Year?

From E! Online

Details named what they deem to be the 50 most powerful men under the age of 45 and made a rather controversial decision for the number seven Good Father slot. Are you ready for this?

Kevin Federline and Larry Birkhead share the honor.

We completely understand if you need a moment to process this news, 'cause it took us a while.

And while we're not exactly in a position to judge parents, here's our problem: Both of these men are riding the waves of the biggest blond-bombshell tragedies of our time.

Tango’s Take We know next to nothing about Larry Birkhead, so he’s out of this. But can Kevin Federline really be one of the most powerful men under 45? We’re not sure who the other 48 members of the list are but are you ultra-bent if you got left off? Is ESPN’s Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) on that list (he seems to be a good dad)? What about the guy who plays Kenneth on 30 Rock? Yes, it is impressive that K-Fed was able to outwit Britney and get her to pay for his legal efforts. But does that really make him a good dad? It’s weird though, we haven’t heard one thing about how he’s treated the kids that he has with Shar Jackson. Weird.
We did hear that he agreed to split custody with Britney Spears for the holidays. That is pretty nice. She could probably use a few more things going her way.
And yes, we realize that we're playing right into Details' game by even mentioning this.