Is Tony Romo Dating Jessica Simpson?

Is Tony Romo Dating Jessica Simpson?


DALLAS - Of all the things Jessica Simpson is thankful for, it appears a new boyfriend is at the top of the list.

The blonde bombshell is dating NFL star Tony Romo, a source close to Simpson confirmed to Access Hollywood.

In fact, Simpson even brought the Dallas Cowboys QB home to meet the family for Thanksgiving, albeit a day late, the source added.

Tango’s Take A few months ago, most people outside of sports fans and residents of Dallas probably had no idea who he was. Now he’s been linked to Carrie Underwood (American Idol/ Country Star), Sophia Bush (model/ actress), Britney Spears (pop star/ train wreck), and Jessica Simpson (reality show star/ singer/ train wreck). We’re pretty sure that he took our challenge to match Tom Brady either on the field, on the dating scene, or both. And he is trying his damndest to do just that. Sure, the Britney rumor turned out to be false and this Jessie Simpson rumor may be fake, but the Cowboys are 10-1 and he is about to set the Cowboys’ single-season record for touchdowns and this is only his first year as a full-time starter. We’ll go out on a limb here and say that Romo is pretty even with Brady in terms of development (though Brady did win a Super Bowl in his first season). He may have to turn it up a notch off the field though; Giselle Bundchen is pretty cute and made like $40 million in 2006. It was the day after Thanksgiving (or T-Gives, as one of our interns calls it), but were Ashlee and Pete Wentz hanging out at the Simpson house? If so, what did Tony talk to Pete about? “Uh, I like your eyeliner dude. It’s OK, man, sometimes Terrell Owens gets sad too.”

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