Video Games Are Now For Couples

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Video Games Are Now For Couples

From Smart Company

What could be more romantic than snuggling into the couch with that special someone… and playing some computer games? A lot of things, actually, but perhaps that’s just because no one has yet got around to designing a computer game with cross-gender appeal?

According to an Anderson Analytics report covered by Marketing Charts, this is precisely what computer game players are calling out for. The survey of 1000 college students found that about two thirds play computer games – 82% of male students and 59% of female students.

It seems what they really want to do, however, is play their games together. Only 25% of gamers say they play games with members of the opposite sex, but more than 50% said they would like to see games specifically designed for that purpose.

Tango’s Take Way behind the curve here, Smart Company of Australia. Tango ran an article like two years ago called XY Box about couples getting down to video games together (Click Here To Check It). Maybe the trend took a hot minute to make it to Australia. And video game makers seem very aware of this trend. DDR (that’s Dance Dance Revolution) is a great couples game. And Guitar Hero III has made it cool to stay home on Saturday nights and rock out. And the new Rock Band for Playstation 3 allows three players to rock out simultaneously on the guitar, drums, and vocals. The trouble there is that either one person has to master the mic and guitar or they have to bring a third person into their band. But that’s probably another game entirely, probably called Swing Heroes 1.

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