Iowa Woman Is Given Probation In HIV Transfer Case

Iowa Woman Is Given Probation In HIV Transfer Case

From The Des Moines Register

A Sioux City woman was placed on probation after pleading guilty to a charge of knowingly transmitting HIV to a sexual partner.

Leslie Flaggs, 46, pleaded guilty in Woodbury County District Court to transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which causes AIDS.

Flaggs did not tell a man, with whom she had sex with numerous times earlier this year, that she had HIV.
Tango’s Take Uh, yeah, there’s sort of a social contract that states that you’re supposed to disclose what you got to your sex partners. This is particularly important if it’s, you know something with no cure or something that’s, you know, deadly. So, this woman gets 4 years of probation, is cut off from sexual contact, and has to write this dude an apology. Sounds fair. Everyone wins, except for the guy that has to get on anti-retrovirals for the rest of his shortened life. He pretty much gets screwed on this deal. This is a pretty awesome reminder (post-Magic Johnson’s seeming recovery) to be safe. Circumcised, heterosexual, non-intravenous drug-using, non-prostitute-visiting men have been able to duck the virus better than other parts of the population. This is a reminder that they’re not invincible either.

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